Glass Skins Installation Guide

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Glass Skins installation Guide

Composite lamination requires refined skills. If you are not competent at installing fibreglass materials, we recommend seeking the services of a professional installer/laminator.
Professional installers may elect to use their own refined lamination processes.

Our preferred installation process:

  1. Place Your Fibreglass – Lay your Glass Skins fibreglass on the product you are customising.

  2. Trim – Trim your fibreglass graphic to the size required for easier handling.

  3. Roll Your Fibreglass – Roll each end of your Glass Skins to the centre of your board from the nose and the tail (in a surfboard installation scenario).

  4. We recommend mixing your resin with a slower curing time to enable placement and fine tuning of your custom graphics.

  5. Apply A Skim Coat – We recommend applying a skim coat to the foam or material underneath your Glass Skins graphic.  (Glass Skins can be and are often laminated by professional laminators without an initial skim coat, ensuring complete wetout and removal of any possible trapped air under your Glass Skins.)

  6. Position Your Fibreglass – Place / Unroll the Glass Skins on the coated area and allow it to begin to saturate.  This will help limit initial movement when beginning to squeegee, then continue the lamination process.

  7. Add More Resin – Pour more resin on top of your fibreglass ensuring total saturation/wet out and squeegee trapped air and excess resin from under the fibreglass as per traditional lamination processes.

  8. Finish the lamination process in the usual manner.

Where a single layer Glass Skins lamination is used on boards or other products with no additional topical plain fibreglass layer, it is recommended that your graphic is printed in reverse and applied print side down to avoid any damage to the printed Glass Skins during the build process. For example, bottom surfboard lamination.

Where Fin boxes or Plugs come in contact with Glass Skins areas, it is recommended that these are set after your board or product has been laminated.

DISCLAIMER: Glass Skins will not be held responsible for any product not installed by Glass Skins.