Glass Skins Custom Printed Fibreglass 58″ Inch Width x Height in Inches

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Ready to customise your board or composite product with your own graphics and / or photos? Upload your print ready files and we will custom print them on our specialty 3.5oz fibreglass material, ready for use on your next project.

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Print Ready File Requirements

  1. File dimensions must match the size of the product you are ordering online.  

Set your Illustrator Artboard or Photoshop Canvas to the size of the product you are ordering.  For example, Size 6 – 29” inch Width x 72” inch Height.  If you are covering an item with a photo or graphic, be sure to allow enough of your design to cover your product.  

It is possible to fit more than one graphic or photo combination within the allowable print size.  Rather than having two separate small print job files, you can combine images or designs within a larger product size and submit this as one file/order.  

  1. Artwork files submitted “Print Ready” in CMYK colour mode.  

If any artwork is submitted in an RGB colour mode, our software will convert the data and print the closest colour in CMYK.  Colour variations may occur in this case, however, Glass Skins cannot be held accountable for this shift in colour output.  

  1. File types accepted: “High Quality Print” PDF, JPG, AI 
  1. Outline all fonts

You can use any font you like in your design process, however, they must be converted to outlines in your final “Print Ready” file submitted.  If your fonts are not outlined and we don’t have the same fonts on our system, our graphics programs will replace them with a different font that will not match the one you have used.  As a result, your art will not look the same as it appears on your computer, and will not print the same. 

To outline your fonts in Adobe Illustrator for example, select ALL fonts in your artwork, go to the ‘Type’ drop down menu and select ‘Create Outlines’ this will turn the selected text into outlines.  Our computers and graphics programs will then be able to open your art without errors or font substitution.  

  1. Embed all linked files/images in your artwork.

Most graphics programs allow the user to add an object or image to a file by linking or embedding. Embedded images are stored within the file itself, while linked files are not.  As a result, linked files can become unlinked and “go missing” when opened on a different computer.  Ensure you embed all images to avoid losing any of them from your submitted file.  

  1. Flatten Transparencies and Effects (e.g Drop Shadows)

If objects containing spot colours overlap and contain transparency, undesirable results may occur when spot colours are converted to process colours during the flattening process.

  1. Raster images, like photos, should be a minimum of 150 – 300dpi at finish file size.   

150-300 dpi is recommended at 100% print size.  Please note that rescaling an image found online from a website (usually these are set to 72dpi) from 72dpi to 300dpi will not correct pixilation or clarity.  Your original image should be of high resolution and quality.  If you are concerned your image may become pixelated when enlarged, view it at ‘Actual Size’ in a graphics program like “Illustrator” or “Photoshop” to be sure you are happy with the final output prior to submission. 

  1. For images to be considered Vector they must be created in a vector program like Adobe Illustrator.

Please check your files prior to submission to ensure they meet our file requirements.  We will print what you submit.  If you need professional assistance with your artwork files, we are happy to provide this service at our standard hourly rate of $75.00 p/hr + 10% GST.  You can contact us at –

Glass Skins are best suited for use on white base coloured composite products.  Areas that are white in your design will not print on the fibreglass and will become transparent when laminating.  If there is colour other than white under your Glass Skins on the item you are laminating, this will show through and alter the final colours of your printed Glass Skins.  Some customers actually use this to their advantage to achieve varied results with their Glass Skins final appearance.

Print Processing & Shipping

Print processing begins once your “Print Ready” files are finalised and full payment has been received, not once an order is placed.  Standard print processing times are generally 5-7 business days, however, these may be subject to change in peak periods.  Public holidays, holiday periods and weekends are not considered part of our standard print production processing times.  

Please note: Shipping timeframes are separate to production schedules.  Shipping timeframes take effect from the final submission of product/s to the freight company.