Glass Skins Spot Colour Chart

$75.00 incl. GST

The 29” x 40” inch Glass Skins Spot Colour Chart is a selection of 1137 colours, however, it does not represent all the colours that can be printed by our printers.

This Spot Colour Chart provides a physical guide for how these colours seen on your computer screen in a CMYK colour space will appear when printed on this material.

The names you see below the colours are Pantone Solid Coated Spot Colours which can be applied to digital PDF files in a graphics program such as Adobe Illustrator. Colours in your file using these Pantone Solid Coated named spot colours from our .ASE swatch file, when printed on this material, should closely match the printed reference.

Click here to download our GS Spot Colour Chart.ase swatch file.



How can I add the “GS Spot Colour Chart.ase” swatch file to Adobe Illustrator?
The GS Spot Colour Chart swatch file can be added to Adobe Illustrator to make it easier to assign colours to areas in your graphic designs.

  1. Download the ASE file to a location on your computer.
  2. In Illustrator open the Swatches window and select the dropdown menu in the top right of the Swatches window (the three horizontal lines). In the dropdown menu select “Open Swatch Library” and then choose “Other Library”.
  3. Select the ASE file from the location you saved it to and click open.
  4. The swatches will open and you will now be able to choose your Spot Colours from there.